Are You in the Boat – February 29, 2016

“But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.”– Matthew 24:37

The Bible has a lot to say about the second coming of Jesus Christ. The main thing it says is that one day He will come! But, for me, possibly the single greatest statement concerning His second coming is found in the verse listed above in Matthew 24:37.

This simple statement tells me a lot. If you go back in the Bible to the book of Genesis and read chapters 6 & 7, you get a picture of how things were during the time of Noah when he built this big boat called an ark. It’s also a time when God brought a flood of judgment on the earth that destroyed all of life but 8 people.

The second coming of Jesus will be just like what happened during the days of Noah. As I read over the story in Genesis, I noticed that there were 6 different kinds of people living during the time while Noah constructed the ark. It took close to 100 years to build this big boat and there were different responses to what was he was doing. These same 6 responses exist today toward the person and message of Jesus Christ.

First, while Noah built the ark, there were people that didn’t even know it. The same is true today. There are people living who have never heard the name of Jesus Christ and know absolutely nothing about Him.

Second, there were people during Noah’s time who didn’t think anything about the ark. Today, this group also exists. There are many people who just don’t ever think about Jesus or have anything to do with Him. These are not hostile people, just folks who have never noticed or paid any attention to spiritual things.

Third, there were people who mocked Noah. These people are present with us today. There are some who mock the Lord Jesus Christ.

Fourth, there are people who admired the ark Noah was building. They thought it was an impressive structure. These people exist even today. A number of people admire the teachings of Jesus Christ saying He was a good man and role model.

Fifth, there was the religious group during Noah’s day. These people listened to Noah, saw what he was doing, and heard his warning. But, they thought they were okay and didn’t need to examine themselves or take any action. Then, suddenly the floods came, and they tried very hard to get on the ark. But, it was too late. Holding on to the side of the ark was not enough to save a person. Trying to climb aboard that way didn’t keep the floods from drowning you. Every one in this group perished in the flood. Today, in our day, there are probably many in this group also. These are people who are church members, or are on church membership roles, or are religious, or are good people, or might even be professing Christians. They say they know Jesus, but don’t have a true personal relationship with Him, and therefore, they don’t really know Him. And it takes having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ to get to heaven.

Sixth and last, the only group of people who survived the flood in Noah’s day were those 8 souls that were in the ark. The same is true today. We must be in Christ to be saved from the wrath of God facing all of mankind in the very near future.

Please know this… everybody is in a boat. The question is which boat are you in? Are you in Noah’s Ark…or are you on the Titanic? The Ark is going to heaven. The Titanic is going down. Which boat are you in? It’s a fair question to ask…and to answer.

“Living To Put a Smile on God’s Face”

Pastor Terry

Family Worship Center

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