Keep Christmas Going Year Round

On Dec. 4, I witnessed a live Christmas story at Riverfront Church off North H Street in Fort Smith. I’d been there before, but this night was special because it’s Christmas and the spirit of giving was alive. Family Worship Center of Van Buren hosted the service. Matt, Doug and Ronnie each sang a song fitting the season. Then Pastor Jimmy Miller of Riverfront Church prayed and talked about how it’s not about us but about God. Pastor Terry Ring of Family Worship Center introduced Jeremy Franks, who gave personal testimony on how living for yourself can lead to a path of destruction and how decisions you make affect people around you. His mama cried as he told how it took 18 years for God, his family and friends to get him where he is, and I well understood that it would take the love of God, his family and friends to keep him there.

His testimony cut me like a knife in the heart. That could have been me. After he was through, I realized that the word of God is like a two-edged sword, and in order to be healed by the word, you must first be willing to be wounded by it. There’s no change if there’s no change. Family Worship Center reaches out to others, and each time they host Riverfront Church, they close its doors, open their hearts and the whole church comes to Fort Smith. They give all they can. Pastor Ring says they leave with much more than they brought. I pray you come to know the gift we have all been given. It’s the gift of peace and rest, so that we might know joy and love in our hearts. Remember to thank God. And come live an episode of a Christmas story throughout the year at Riverfront Church in Fort Smith. SAMMY JACKSON, Fort Smith Published Times Record December 2013