Don’t Run the Red Light – February 27, 2017

Today’s Scripture… “But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” – Isaiah 40:31 (KJV)

My daughter recently turned 21, but I will never forget the fun…(TERROR) of teaching Breanne to drive. When she received her driver’s permit, it was my job to work with her, trying to help her learn all the do’s and don’ts of being on the road.

All of you who have had this wonderful privilege of teaching your children to drive, know exactly what I went through. Don’t follow too close…turn on your blinker…not so fast…not so slow…you’re too close to the line…etc.

Now when it comes to the traffic lights, this is where we have had a few problems. I can tell her what she’s supposed to do for each color, the problem is she has been watching me for years. Green is for go…yellow is for slow down or yield…red is for stop.

Green has been no problem. Red has been no problem either. Now yellow on the other hand is where the issue comes in. Because like many of you reading this devotion, yellow means speed up and don’t get caught by the red light. Some of you are laughing right now, because you drive the same way.

As I thought about traffic lights and teaching Breanne to drive, I thought there has to be a devotion topic in there somewhere.

So here goes… Traffic lights are a common sight.  In high traffic areas, you can find them on almost every block.  And everyone knows what the three colors of lights means…

…Green is for “Go.”
…Yellow is for “Slow Down / Yield”
…Red is for “Stop.”

Of course, we all know what each of those instructions means to us.  Green means you can keep driving, you have the right of way.  Yellow means you may be able to keep going or you may have to stop, depending on where you are when it turns yellow.  And red means you gotta stop – you simply cannot keep going at this time.

Now, one of the most difficult things to do for many people, especially when they are in a hurry, is to stop for a red light.  Let’s face it.  No one likes to sit still and wait while what seems to be an endless caravan of cars makes their way across the road in front of us.

And yet, if you run the red light… trouble awaits.   Possibly a ticket if a police officer is nearby.  Possibly an accident if oncoming traffic cannot swerve to miss you.  Possibly a nasty look and even a yelling or cursing from an angry driver.

And so, it’s important to watch the traffic light carefully.  Proceed when you are authorized to keep going.  Slow down when you are advised to yield.  And, whatever you do…don’t run the red light!

You know, I have found that prayer is like a traffic light.  Really.  It is.  You see, God’s responses to prayer is much like those familiar colors on the traffic light…

…Green is for “Go.”
…Yellow is for “Slow Down / Yield”
…Red is for “Stop.”

You see, sometimes God flashes the green light when we pray.  He says in essence, “Go ahead, you have the right of way.”  In other words, He says “Yes,” to our prayer request.  Other times, He flashes the yellow light.  His response, “Maybe, maybe not. Slow down.”  It’s not that He says, “Yes,” and it’s not that He says, “No.”  Of course, there are also those times when He flashes the red light in response to our prayers.”  “You gotta stop – you cannot keep going.”  It’s at those times that He simply says, “No.”

And, likewise with the REAL traffic lights, one of the most difficult things for us as Christians is to stop for God’s red light.  None of us likes to sit still and accept God’s decision to stop our request dead in its tracks.  And, of course, God says “No” because He has better plans.  He flashes the red light because He wants something grander for our lives.

And yet, many want to run the red light and try to do for themselves what God is saying “No” to.

And trouble awaits.  An accident is waiting to happen.  Disobedience always earns a citation.

Friend, it’s important as you pray this morning to watch for God’s traffic lights.  Listen to the Holy Spirit and allow Him to instruct you on when to keep going.  Allow God to speak to your heart and advise you when it’s time to slow down and wait on Him.  And, above everything else, when God says “No”…

…don’t run the red light!

Have a “Wonderful DAY in Christ,”
Pastor Terry
Family Worship Center

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