Falling Apart at the Seams – August 7, 2017

Today’s Scripture… “The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, because He hath anointed Me to preach the gospel to the poor; He hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at liberty them that are bruised, to preach the acceptable year of the Lord.” Luke 4:18, 19

Thoughts for Today… When I was growing up I never got the Tommy Hilfiger jeans (or whoever was popular at that time). We were a relatively “tight budget” family which is a nice way to say there were times we didn’t have a whole lot to spare.

In about the sixth grade I began to grow faster than my parents could keep up with me in buying new jeans. There were a few times, not many, but there were a few times that I would have to wear jeans that were quite a bit shorter than my legs.  But, that wasn’t the worst of it.  Being a six grade boy, I played outside all day long. Baseball, riding my bike, cowboy and Indians…like most boys my age I liked to “rough house” a bit.  We would wrestle quite often…which meant that I was bound to cut a gaping hole in my jeans which I did quite often.  In fact, I don’t know if I had a single pair of jeans that were not virtually falling apart at the seams before I was able to obtain a new pair.

I remember going home time after time after I had (unintentionally) torn another hole in my jeans.  I would walk into the house and say something like, “Mom, it happened again.  I ripped this huge hole in my jeans while I was doing something really fun.  I’m sorry, really sorry.” Mom would look at me and she never said it, but I could tell that she knew I couldn’t possibly fix the hole myself.  I was only twelve years old and incapable of mending my own mistakes.  And so, time after time, she would smile knowingly and say something like, “that’s alright, I think I can fix it for you.” And she would bring out a patch and mend me up, knowing I would be needing more repair work in a short amount of time.

You know, many times in my life, I have repeated those actions.  Oh, I haven’t torn my jeans recently, but I have torn a gaping hole in my life at times.  There have been times when I was doing something that the Lord told me not to do… and I ended up making a mess out of things.

Maybe it was tackling some task that I knew I didn’t need to take on, or playing games with a temptation that I knew I shouldn’t entertain or wrestling with some sin that my Lord had warned me about.  And I found myself rolling around on the ground, getting dirty and torn. And the scene from my early childhood days hasn’t changed much.  I walked in before the throne of God in prayer and said to Him many times, “Dad, I messed up again.  I ripped this huge hole in my life while I was doing something You told me not to do.  I’m sorry, really sorry.”

Sometimes that hole was sharing some gossip, other times it may have been neglecting my Bible reading. Occasionally it may have been simply not giving my all to the Lord.  And each time, I felt as I had blown it for the last time, that there was no more forgiveness to be granted to me. And each time my Father looked down at me knowingly and said, “I forgive you, son.  I’ll fix it for you.”  And time after time, God has mended my mistakes – something I could never do myself.  He knew I was incapable of correcting those holes in my character, those gaps in my words and deeds.  And so, He sent His precious Son Jesus to die on the cross – His blood, that patch, that I needed to cover the holes of sin in my life.

Friend, is there a gaping hole in your life?  Is there some sin that you haven’t confessed, some area of your Christian walk that you are neglecting (Bible reading, prayer, Church attendance, witnessing, service)?  Do you need some patchwork this morning? All it takes is a sincere heart before God crying out, “I’m sorry, Father.  I blew it.  Would you forgive me and make me whole?”

Make that confession this morning and you’ll hear the most wonderful words…”I forgive you.  I’ll fix it.”

So when you are falling apart at the seams, call out to the One who can mend every hole in your broken life.

Have a “Wonderful DAY in Christ,”
Pastor Terry
Family Worship Center

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