God’s Roadmap – January 12, 2015

Today’s Scripture… “Thy Word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.” — Psalm 119:11

Thoughts for Today… My wife and I have been married for over 33 years. Wow, time flies when you’re having fun!  (No, she isn’t sitting here watching as I write this.)

Most of you know that before we started Family Worship Center as a new church plant, we served three years as the State Youth Directors for the Arkansas Pentecostal Church of God. Those three years were filled with many challenges, joys and many, many miles traveled on the different highways across this great state of ours.

I usually did all the driving, which meant for the first year Penny kept a map in her lap much of the time. Traveling about 4,500 miles or more each month…our van became our “home away from home.” There are over 135 churches in the Arkansas District and we had to find where all of them were. We only knew how to get to about 30 of them.  So, we grabbed a roadmap. The map showed us exactly how to get there.   All we had to do was follow the path it showed us and we would arrive at the right destination.

God’s Word is a roadmap.  It shows us exactly how to get from here to there in our daily lives.  All we have to do is follow the path He shows us and we will always arrive at the right destination.

Here’s the thing about our trips across the state of Arkansas.  We used that roadmap to get us there several times.  There were lots of tricky curves and turnoffs and road changes — so we needed it directly in front of us to keep us headed in the right direction. This went on for our first several trips, really for our first year. But, there came a day when we didn’t need to look at that roadmap anymore.  Why?  Because we had it memorized.  We knew our way.  We had followed that roadmap over and over again until it was, shall I say, “hid in our heart.”

We may not always look at that roadmap on our trips, but we take it with us everywhere we go — because it has become a part of us.  And as long as we recall what it has taught us, we will never lose our way. That’s what we are supposed to do with God’s roadmap. Become so familiar with it that it is engrained in us.   Memorize it so that we know our way.    We are to follow God’s Word over and over and over again until it is “hid in our heart.”

Throughout your day — while at work, the grocery store, the city park, wherever you are — you may not always have a Bible in front of you.  But, you take it with you wherever you go, because it has become a part of you.

And as long as you recall what it has taught you… …you will never lose your way. Hide God’s Word in your heart today…and enjoy the journey.

Have a “Wonderful DAY in Christ,”
Pastor Terry
Family Worship Center

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