Just Waiting – May 22, 2017

Today’s Scripture…”And that they may recover themselves out of the snare of the devil, who are taken captive by him.” II Timothy 2:26

Thoughts for Today…It happens almost every Sunday we go to the Mexican restaurant “La Fiesta”…

Since the pastor is usually long winded, we seem to always arrive after everyone else and all the seats or tables are taken. As we gather and stand in the lobby just waiting for enough tables to come open for our party…we watch each of the tables, every chair, each person is under our constant surveillance. We are just waiting for someone to abandon his or her table, so we can sit down and eat our lunch.  As we watch, a couple of people got up.  Was this our chance?  Nope.  They were just going to the bathroom.  Another man gets up and walks away from his table. Could this be the one?  No.  He was just going over to another table to visit with a friend. So we watch on, just waiting for our chance.  All we wanted was an opportunity to beat the other people coming in behind us. And finally our opportunity arrives.  Several tables get up at the same time. 1,2,3…15, just enough for our group. We go to the tables and prepare to enjoy our lunch.

You know, satan and his henchmen do very much the same thing in the lives of Christians every single day.  Oh, they aren’t looking for a place to sit…they are looking for lives and testimonies to destroy. And so they sit just outside of our lives.  Back in the shadows.  Just out of sight.

For the most part, most believers don’t pay much attention to them.  Way too often, Christians act is if they never even see them as they scan the dining rooms of our lives.

What are they looking for?  Empty tables?  Certainly not!  They are looking for empty commitment to Christ! They are waiting for us to abandon our walk with the Lord! And they sit there.  Keeping their eyes trained on us. Just watching every believer, waiting for someone to abandon the Lord.  Waiting for some opportunity to trip us up.

As they watch, a couple of people begin to talk.  Was it gossip they were sharing?  Was this satan’s chance to move in?  Nope.  They were just talking about how great a service they had in church Sunday!

Another man was faced with some horrible news about a relationship he was involved in.  Was he going to get discouraged and depressed, and lose his faith in Christ?  No way.  He was going to praise Jesus in spite of the difficulties he faces!

Countless Christians stand before satan and his crew.  He watches on as they are tempted to lie, cheat, steal, gossip, neglect, skip their prayer time, become indifferent to the Word of God and many other things.  Satan watches.  All he wants is an opportunity.

And finally, it arrives.  Someone gives in and strays from the Lord.  Ahhh, satan sighs with satisfaction.  Now, the person is mine!

Christian, satan desires nothing more from you today than to lead you away from Christ.  He wants to shake your confidence in the Lord, ruin your testimony for the Lord and destroy your relationship with the Lord. And he is lurking in the lobby of your life, just waiting for an opportunity to do you harm.

Let’s make sure satan doesn’t find a place to sit around our table!

Have a “Wonderful DAY in Christ,”

Pastor Terry

Family Worship Center

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