The Ordered Steps – October 24, 2016

This week’s blog comes from my wonderful dad. He is affectionately known as Pop to our wonderful church family. I pray that you enjoy the wonderful words of wisdom from this great man of God.

Today’s Scripture Verse…The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord; and he delighteth in his way. Psalm 37:23

Thought’s for Today…Oh the joy and laughter when your child takes their first step. Oh what wonderful thoughts and plans are inspired by that first step. Parents take such joy in their child’s steps, and what an event it is to see the prospects for growth and development. Parents will take every precaution to insure that the child does not get hurt for they delight in each future step of their child.

Never again will single steps have such interest for you. And yet why not? In manhood no less than in infancy, single steps are significant. Sometimes you find that out the hard way. One step in the dark can carry you off of the firm footing into an open trap or a slippery slope. A friend of mine wrote a song some years ago entitled, “The First Step Down, Is The Longest”.  Why? Because it places you on or in unfamiliar territory with no one holding your hand, which is the beginning of trouble.

God orders and establishes the details of His children’s lives. Details are of great importance. “The steps of a good man are ordered of the Lord”. Step by step is the law of all progress. Jesus was and is concerned with the daily details of your life. He came to reveal the Father to us. But He did not reveal a God of vast designs and transcendent powers. He told us about the God who paints each lily of the field, and the feeding of the birds and how He marks the fall of every sparrow and numbers every hair on our head.

Listen, God says you are MINE for all time—and beyond time, into eternity. No power can remove you from MY love or take away your inheritance in heaven. Your future is utterly secure. Even if you falter as you journey through life, I will never let go of your hand.

When you know and understand this, it can free you to live the abundant life. This is your day, God has designed it just for you so that you can journey together hand in hand with Him. The Lord has all of the details already worked out, so leave the past. Don’t try living tomorrow before it comes. Live and enjoy the present, as He orders your steps for a perfect day.

God is not only a God of abundance, He also knows all of the complex, tangled and knotted details of your life. So today turn it all over to Him. He hears every prayer, so don’t be afraid to bring it all to Him. His hand is ever reaching out to you. Take hold and let God walk with you today.

Have a Great Day.

Pop Ring

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