Thirsty for Jesus – December 8, 2014

Today’s Scripture… “Ye are the salt of the earth.” – Matthew 5:13

Thoughts for Today… It’s amazing how it works.

I am always looking for inspiration in helping me write my next devotion. It could be a story someone told me, it could be something funny that happened in our home. It could be from something that I read, but I am always looking for that one topic I can write about to share with you. It’s kind of funny where you get some inspiration.

I had a craving for a little snack to eat while I was watching the NBA playoffs. Now I have to be honest and tell you, although I have altered my eating habits some after my heart attack years ago…I still love a few things that are not the best for me. I usually don’t  eat potato chips, but as I went to the cabinets to see what I could find, I stumbled upon a brand new bag of Lays BBQ potato chips.

Wow! were they good. I munched on a few potato chips, and the longer the game went, the more chips I ate. I remember commenting to Penny…”don’t buy these chips anymore, I’m going to eat the whole bag”. I kept munching and soon, the bag of chips was over half gone. I began to get a strong desire for some water to drink.  The salt in the potato chips had made me thirsty.  You see, salt does that…it creates thirst.


Salt creates thirst.  Jesus said that you and I are the “salt of the earth.”  What did He mean?  Many would say that being the salt means preserving, flavoring, and purifying the world around us.  Those things are true.  But, perhaps more than that…we should make people thirsty for Jesus.  Yep, our lives should create a desire in others to drink from the Living Water.

You see, salt creates thirst.  The question is, how salty are we? When people look at us do they see Christians living the victorious life?  Do they see joy and peace and love?  What about compassion and mercy?  Do they see anything that makes them thirsty?

Friend, if we are the salt that Jesus called us to be, then our lives are going to influence those around us.  They are going to see us rejoice even in time of trouble.  They will notice that we help out those in need.  They will recognize a genuineness in our walk with the Lord.  They will see that our “talk” is backed up by our “walk.” In short, they will see something that makes them want to know this Jesus that motivates our words and actions.

The Lord says we are to be the “salt of the earth.” When was the last time you made someone thirsty for Jesus?

Have a “Wonderful DAY in Christ,”
Pastor Terry

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