What to Remember When Your Life Plan Gets Derailed – July 5, 2016

Life didn’t turn out like the preacher said it would. Cancer came. My spouse left. We tried to accomplish our dreams and failed. Our child was born with a handicap. This is definitely not what we asked for.

If you have ever had something go in a different direction than you thought it should, or if you’ve had some prayers that went unanswered…I’ve got some good news for you.

When I stand before people and preach or write things that people are going to read that has the potential of impacting their lives for better or worse, I want it to be for the better.  But I’m human. I’m flawed.

There is no doubt that I’ve said or written the wrong thing before. I’ve left after speaking and preaching or stopped typing on my computer, wondering if I messed up so much that God’s grace couldn’t work through it. Why didn’t He answer my prayer? Why didn’t I nail that church service or blog?  Why didn’t He make it perfect?  And then I learned about Wabi-sabi.

Have you heard of wabi-sabi?  No it’s not the green stuff that comes on the side of your sushi plate. It’s actually a really cool Japanese idea that says “imperfection is beauty”.

A piece of pottery that’s not symmetrical or has a chip is seen as alluring, not despite its flaw, but because of it. The same is true of our lives.  Our mess-ups and mishaps are our wabi-sabi.

2 Corinthians 4:6-7 says that we are like fragile clay pots that contain a light that shines from our hearts. We crack. We have scars and flaws. But that’s the point. When we experience life and the different “chips” that happen in our lives, we need to realize those cracks are the spaces where God’s light shines through.

Maybe life isn’t what you wanted it to be. Maybe God didn’t answer your prayers the way you thought He should.  But His goal for you isn’t perfection, it’s wabi-sabi. It’s grace making broken things beautiful.

So the next time you feel like your prayers have hit a wall or shame starts to sneak in when you mess up, just say “wabi-sabi.”

Have a Wonderful Day in Christ,
Pastor Terry
Family Worship Center

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